Making an Impact

Charity Folks curates once-in-a-lifetime experiences that benefit worthy causes around the world! Whether we connect a client to their favorite luminary, get them on the set, on the field, backstage or behind the scenes, there is nothing better than fulfilling dreams that make the world a better place. 


Some of our favorite examples? Being a “roadie” on tour for Lady Gaga helped to build youth mental wellness programs. A pair of tickets to the Vanity Fair Oscar provided education to children at a Charter School in Los Angeles. The opportunity to ring in the New Year with Jay-Z and Coldplay provided 10,000 meals for hungry and displaced families in Las Vegas. A meet and greet with Bruce Springsteen helped to build an orphanage in Tijuana and a meet and greet with Bette Midler helped to restore gardens and parks in New York City.  Just imagine the good you can do next time you buy something special.